Never have I in my life felt so relaxed and peaceful as I am feeling now. Neither alcohol, nor meditative tea ceremonies, nor writing -- nothing has touched me as much as merely not sleeping and not eating has moved me. I'm feeling this annoying pain in the muscles in my back, in my spine, in my neck and legs. I'm feeling as if I got a cold. But it is such a slight and pleasing pain, that gives you the feeling of some euphoria. It makes you want to haul quetly.

Now i believe I'm going to have a perfect sleep. All that's left is to get to the dorm, and I'm already approaching Vol\'zskaya station.

The recipy is: exhaust yourself, surround yourself with nice people, and after a couple days of hell just watch Harry Potter on a big screen in a good company, drinking a hot green tea with lemon all the time. Hope these nice people haven't been offended. Because I did use them


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