Not hearing

We've been working on "Love of my Life" the last two classes. Today I had that really weird glitch: using some new version of instrumental -- one I haven't heard before; approaching the "you will re-mem-ber when this is blown o-ver" line and suddenly music shuts down and I, frustrated, lose the track of it. Trainer's looking at me, browns up, as if I did something really weird. I'm like:

-- Where's the music gone? How do I sing without the beat?

Even greater surprise in the look and, after a pause:

-- Hell you mean, "music gone"?

-- Why, they just stopped playing at the most intensive moment!

-- Ahem... Listen again

(sets that part for a replay)

-- See? That's what I'm talking about -- I say, still observing but silence

-- Ahem?.. -- sets a re-play again.

Suddenly, I'm hearing a guitar solo, one-to-one corresponding to the vocal part. My weird brain has simply filtered it out until I really struggled to hear. This frightens me a little. As if some region of my brain would refuse to work and to do what's requested. Although, that's exactly the reason I'm taking these classes


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