Jesus Christ the Superstar

Another thing I watched in the last few months is that famous musical called Jesus Christ Superstar. Well yeah, I'm such a hillbilly that I hadn't even heard of it before. I never read a Bible. Also I strongly dislike everything related to religion, living in a country of churches, oligarch priests, saint KGB officers, criminalized offence of religious beliefs and all that. Also this thing about Occam's razor and biased priors... What I want to say now is that I found this musical surprisingly good. I even liked the story.

First of all I watched the 1973 movie: a few decent scenes, Judas's surely cool, the Caiphas too. But Jesus... not a single line to remember! Just a histerical bitch. Boring. So it looked like a bunch of hipsters surrounded another hipster and worshipped him for no particuar reason. Then some other dudes suddenly think this crows's dangerous (oh I can't even guess why!). And the other nigga dude tries to talk sense into his ole hipster friend before it's too late. Just as I said: boring.

A friend of mine then gave me a hint to listen to the original album recording featuring Ian Gillan as Jesus. Sad thing the dude was sort of busy travelling with Deep Purple when the movie was being shot because Gillan's damn good Jesus! The best Jesus I've heard of, actually! I mean, I'm now singing "I only want to say" almost every day after I heard Gillan sing it!

Once I'd found a decent Jesus I could appreciate the rest of the play. Here's what I think of it in the end: - Judas's almost the only good guy here. Perhaps his role is even more important than that of JC. He cares for the poor and he wants to do something about them. He also cares for the party: when he sees JC has just let things go he is trying to fix it, and persuade JC to restore the control over the mutinous crowd. - The musical is mostly about the crowds' evolution. Things begin with harmless "Hey sanna, Ho sanna!" and "Would you smile at me?" but eventually they become "Hey JC, JC, would you die for me?" which causes aforementioned JC to frown and really think about something.

This line culminates in "The Temple" with cripples literally tearing JC apart: "See my skin --- I'm a mass of blood! See my legs, I can hardly stand! I believe You can make me well!"

And JC screaming out: "Heal yourselves!"

In other words, don't do people good, they'll demand ever more. And after you're exhausted they'll make laugh of you. - The crowd doesn't care to help itself. They just want to be "saved" by someone else:

Hey JC, JC, would you fight for me? ... Would you touch me, would you mend me, Christ? ... I believe you can make me whole. ... I believe you can make me mell. - Yeah, "I only want to say" is damn good! But I also liked Judas talking to the priests.


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