Academia, part 2. Research supervisors -- sufficiency.

We've talked a little about certain aspects of Academia in the previous writing. Specifically we've tried to cover the question of whether it's necessary to find and follow a supervisor. Now we're questioning the sufficiency part. The main argument for insufficiency is the problem of an emotional burnout.

Just like writing or software development, research is a kind of activity that may lead to a burnout. There are different ways to deal with it. For example, one person said1 that

"There are two math schools in Voronezh. There's the school of the followers of Kipriyanov --- these are the ones who drink, and there's a school of Baskakov --- the ones who run"

But if we mean to take the problem seriously, as we do, we must admit that drinking isn't a reliable solution and running's not enough.

To be continued

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