What's the question?

Okay. Good. Now you've lost me. I deny understanding anything about this world whatsoever.

There's but one question that won't let us sleep at nights but we all fail to state it exactly. In first approximation, it asks

"Good, there's been cut for us thus short span of life: what shall we do with it?"

Now if you ask a person such a question (such in form) you're quite unlikely to get an answer. For instance, there's Person1. We used to spend some time together when we were childs, but I have no idea what Person1 is now. So, I asked today: "Person1, what's your... plan for life?" Of course I wouldn't get any answer. I would get "you don't think much about any goals or plans when your salary's delayed for two months".

Not interesting. But then, what should I ask if I want to get the answer? I'm seeking for a different quesion, possibly with a different meaning, that has however the same set of answers.

I made another attempt:

Person1, imagine yourself coming this evening to a doctor and him announcing yourself terminal. Imagine him saying that you've left but two years to live. Then some usual emotions would probably come, like shock or anger. Among them might come a thought of the form: "Wait, I can't be dying now because I haven't..." what?

What would you regret not finishing or not having done?

I still wouldn't get anything interesting, only "not having built a family" and "living on my own". Dull.

But then I asked that same question in a little larger group, moreover a group of my friends. A group of people that I am more like, and people that are more like me, compared to those outside. And suddenly the answers weren't anything I would except. Basically, they all replied... "Why, nothing". All with one abstention.

I could've probably anticipated one of them replying "why, I'm a happy person", and yet I haven't. It came very much like a shock to me.

Well... I couldn't say neither of these about my own self.

No definite conclusions


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