What's the question? Part 2

Yesterday I bothered some more folks with the same problem. One of my interlocutors paused for a while thinking, but then replied with the words I had already heard. And I still wouldn't accept them. But then he started expounding it.

  1. Freak:

    ...if you came to a doctor and he he said you're dying -- what would your regrets be if any?


    ..., not becoming an acknowledged specialist in my field

  2. Freak:

    ...if you came to a doctor and he gave you just half a year, not nearly enough to fix anything


    Well, wouldn't mind it then; I'd experience some emotions common to people encountering death but then I'd just live as I lived -- until I die;

  3. Freak: denial

  4. Person1: basically claims that he just likes living

So do they all like. Or rather claim to like. What a horror

[UPD(2019-01-20)]. Well, at first I just felt confused. I thought I simply didn't understand their answer. Later I realized I felt offended. That doesn't really make much sense. How can you like living? And even if you do like it, how the hell that'd be a reason to live? You don't live just because you like it. You must feel at least injured being brought into this world without any reason or purpose and without any real possibility to make an impact that could last eternally. Nay, it's fear and false hope that make us live. Nothing else.


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