Porto and curvature

To-day (or more precisely the day before this night) was: a bottle of Chateaux (Merlot, Caubernet-Sauvignon), one of Don't-remember-what, two shots of Sandeman vintage, and a glass of Sandeman tawny.

I found all of them sweet to taste rather than dry which they in fact are. Portos were too sweet to me (even tawny one), most like Cohors. But when limited to a single glass methinks they make a very noble drink for our cold times.

I also learned about some really cool cake: P\`avlova (thanks to they-will-understand-I-am-reffering-to-them)

With three good Portos Villani's lectures start looking especially reasonable and charming -- feels like you understand the world! I'm now watching this one: https://youtu.be/zo46TEp6FB8. It got quite some praise in some medium post that I found in some tweet. Now what I mean by "charming" is for example these stories about "Kantorovich's duality theorem being considered a very capitalistic theorem". TLDR: "capitalistic" is actually the strong duality which tells in the case considered that trying to minimize over constraint set by yourself gives the same result as letting a hired man maximize his profit. But him mentioning "(about Monge and Kantorovich) both were extremely precautious students, and both of them were proffesors at the age of 22" drives me back into depression. I'm two years older than Galois was when he got shot, and I've done thus far nothing.

Oh, I also finally had some good runs: night, forest, and speed-mad doge pulling forward. Long gone feeling. Running e-track at dorm can't even be compared.


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