All the jekyll themes I've tried turned out to be either incomplete or too fat. Hence I'm putting an effort to compose a minimalistic theme which would eventually resemble the look of a typical LaTeX paper. I'm going to finish it sooner or later.

UPD 2018-02-15

Added some bare-grid layout and CMU fonts

UPD 2018-02-15 part 2

Got to make .site-comments's width 100% explicitly


  • [x] Equations withMathjax
  • [x] Slides with revealjs
  • [x] A stub for \maketitle (looks like shite atm)
  • [x] Comments with disqus
  • [x] CMU Serif
  • [x] (Not done, merely scratched the surface) A proper simplistic layout w/o skeletons and bootstraps
  • [ ] RSS
  • [ ] Twitter cards
  • [ ] The rest of metadata stuff
  • [ ] Mathjax3 or KaTeX


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