Getting started with GANs: Part 1, getting access to GPUs

Here's how the things are now: I finally talked to Thibaut and he agreed to supervise me; probably we'll be working on something related to barycentre or curvature in geodesic spaces, or whatever (we've discussed some possible problems but it's not that we've agreed on something very specific yet); that's all very fascinating mathematical stuff but sooner or later I got to catch up with the real world; so one of the things I hear most often of and related to optimal transport distances are WGANs and it seems reasonable to begin my acquiatance with what's outside with them.

The nuance about this my endeavour is that I've never in my life actually trained even a CNN. Always felt like it's something trivial and not worth knowing the details of...

As @ferres suggested, before getting all into WGANs it's worth preparing a baseline. So I'll first get through Goodfellows old GANs.

I'll be using the cheapest GPU-powered AWS instance out there:

It's nothing too fancy, just better than a laptop with integrated graphics:

I'm covering it with the studentpack promo worth $100.

...and it won't launch:

Spot instance wouldn't launch either -- "no capacity". So requesting a limit increase.


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